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Hello! Thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Dong King, a very enthusiastic entrepreneur with vested interests in sex and  the sex toys niche. For a very long time, I have always had an interest in the sex toy industry with the aim of revolutionizing how the industry is operated, and then there goes my mission healing the world one vibrator at a time. To achieve this, I have gone far and wide partnering with the leading manufacturers of sex toys to ensure that we have a more consumer-friendly approach in the industry.

In these regards, AdultShopSexToys.com and CurveyGirlsLingerie.com were created. These are websites that are entirely focused on sex toys as well as improving your sexual experience. They are e-commerce stores where you can get original products right off the manufacturers, where aside from the products; you get additional resources including reviews, how to use the products videos, images on how they work, what other customers think of the product.

On the e-commerce stores, we accept a variety of payment methods ranging from credit cards, debit cards, paypal to cryptocurrencies of which we believe in the viability of the cryptocurrencies.  This is actually a safe way to shop while still keeping your identity anonymous.

Also, I have teamed up with a veteran camgirl, Jayne Cobb who has immense knowledge on the various products that we offer. She is very crucial in the reviews since she has over the years used some of the best there is. To add on, she actually tests the products herself to give her take on how she believes the products are. She provides her unbiased insight on how the products are and also advises on what kind of product to go for according to your level of experience as a sex toy user.

Anyway, as part of my mission, I plan to ensure that sex should not be limited to what the society labels it, but rather as to how a person enjoys sex. I will always ensure that the world is full of many vibrators and sex toys as possible. Let’s ensure that sex is as sweet and unique to everyone as possible!

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